Israel Agricultural Settlement Houses



Designed with the aim to provide cheap and healthy accommodation for agricultural settlers. These residential houses were designed according to details specified through research in developments of agricultural settlements, Petah, Tikvah, Hedrah, Rishon le Zion, during the re establishment of the Hebrews, Jews in Israel.



House requirements:

  • House plot with land sufficient land to grow their own vegetables
  • Houses designed suitable for a family with the national average of 3.75 children.



Agricultural settlement: Unmarried Workers Houses


Due to the dates of the published specifications each of the houses designed for unmarried workers has not considered the use of the automobile, and therefore has no garage. Instead both a front and rear patio has been created, useful for small outdoor living space, garden. Each property has 4 bedrooms approximately 4.5m2.

The layout of the house is designed that tenants have their own private living area, an onsite bath/shower room and toilet, lounge and private balcony. Additional communal spaces include kitchen, roof terrace and laundry room.




Land requirements

1 Dunham (32x32m2)

8 houses per Dunham

House plot (8x16m2)


1 house

Land Plot 8x16m2


4 Bedrooms

4 Bath, 5 toilets



Dining room*



Roof terrace seating 

Roof top laundry room 


*Open plan

Agricultural settlement: Married Workers Houses



Married workers house was designed as a practical family home. This property consists of a garage, a front patio and garden at the rear of the property, with sufficient outdoor space for a family to grow vegetables for their own use.


Designed with a fully open plan layout throughout the ground floor that includes patio, lounge, dining area, kitchen, toilet and a second living area leading onto the rear patio that extends into the garden. The garden also has an external staircase providing access to a roof terrace where a communal outdoor seating area and laundry room located.


All four bedrooms are located on the upper floor levels. Each bedroom is approximately 4.5m2. All bedrooms have an onsite bathroom/shower room, toilet, lounge and private balcony.


The master bedroom in this property has access to an adjacent suit partitioned via floor to ceiling doors. The master bedroom also consists of private stairs to a third floor roof top living area that has an additional private balcony and small kitchen. The roof top living area has direct access to the communal roof terrace seating area and laundry room.

Land requirements

1 Dunham (32x32m2)

4 houses per Dunham

House plot (8x32m2)

Agricultural settlement: Married Workers Houses

  • 1 house
  • 8x32 meters
  • Garage
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 4 Bath, 5 toilets
  • Patio
  • Kitchen*
  • Dining room*
  • Lounge*
  • Garden
  • Roof terrace seating 
  • Roof top laundry room 

Additional Design Features : Married Workers Houses


  • 4 bedrooms
  • 5 Bathroom
  • Garage
  • Front Patio
  • Rear Garden
  • Swimming Pool
  • First floor out door balcony patio with seating area
  • Ground to first floor mezzanine
  • Elevator to roof terrace
  • Roof terrace seating area
  • Roof top Landry room
  • Additional roof area
  • All bedrooms have a capsule kitchen, and onsite living area




The visual aesthetic of the settlement houses have been inspired by a recent design project The Israel, Theatre, Music Arts Education Building.


I thought it essential to use aesthetical references between the Israel theatre and the settlement houses to illustrate the Educational buildings public importance and significant social impact on its surroundings.


When designing the houses it was important to compliment iconic structural detail used commonly throughout Israel, the Middle East and Asia. A visual indication and reverence to a familiar distinctive esthetic cherished and adored for centuries.


A conscious decision was made to use as much natural materials on both the exterior and interior of the buildings. Materials such as Ashlar stone, Brick, and wood have been used throughout this project to maintain a structural integrity. The decision to use local natural materials where possible will ensure the houses maintain a connection to its location and its surrounding infusing the heritage and history of Israel while inspiring the owner of the property to feel connected to the land, its people and partake in a promise realized.

Proceeding the design of Israel theatre education building, I was inspired to study and research further into the requirements needed to developing a settlement, town or city in Israel…


Understanding the Importance of establishing The Hebrew University, this achievement was pritoritised only second to the acquisition of sufficient land to establish and fulfill the Israel main objective to develop Agriculture as the foundation of the Jewish national home.



Worker Specifications


  • For every 1,000dn Agricultural land 20/30 Workers are required
  • On average a settlement town, village require 100,000dn – 200,000dn Agricultural land
  • 1,000dn requires (30 Workers) x 100 = 100,000dn (3,000 Workers for every 100,000dn Agricultural land)


Land Specifications to accommodate 3,000 workers


1dn of land used to accommodate, 30 workers

1dn (32x32meters) ÷8 house plot (8x16meters per plot)



House Specifications to accommodate 3,000 workers


30 workers ÷8 plots of land (1dn) = 3.75 workers per house (4 bedrooms per house)

4 bedrooms x 8 houses = 32 bedrooms


Agricultural Settlement


Unmarried Worker

8houses (1dn) x 375 Houses= 3,000 Workers



Married worker

4houses (1dn) x 750 Houses = 3,000 Married Workers

Israel, Theatre, Music Arts Education Building

Israel, Theatre, Music and Arts Education Building

Ground Floor

First Floor Plan (Contact)

Second Floor Plan (Contact)

Ground Floor

Room: Auditorium 
Length: 51 Meters
Width: 38 Meters

Seats: 578

Room: Ground Floor Restaurant With 3 Meter Mezzanine Balcony

Length: 40 Meters

Width: 16.5 Meters

Room: Cafe / Diner / Lounge

Length: 13 Meters

Width: 13.5 Meters

Room: Main Entrance

Length: 36 Meters

Width: 19 Meters

Seats: 42

Room: Storage, Utilities, Stage and Auditorium access

Length: 11 Meters
Width: 17 Meters

Room: Boardroom

Length: 13 Meters

Width: 11 Meters

Room: Administration Offices
Length: 13 Meters
Width: 16.5 Meters

Seats: 48 Working Desks 1 Reception

1 Meeting area

Room: Administration Offices
Length: 15 Meters
Width: 10.5 Meters Seats: 48 Working Desks 1 Reception

1 Meeting area

Room: Visitors Entrance

Length: 8 Meters

Seats: 48

Room: Visitors Lounge and Bar
Length: 8 Meters

Width: 16.5

W/C Toilets

360 Hallway / Communal Seating areas

Room: Cloakroom

Length: 7 Meters

Width: 7.5 Meters

Room: Gallery

Length: 40 Meters

Width: 16.5 Meters

Elevators / Stairs